Essay on Role of Computer System in Differents Environment

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Explain the role of computer systems in different
Environments such as home, business, networking, communication, etc.

 Home
 Business
 Computer gaming
 Networking
 Real-time
 Communication

1- In Home
-access to remote information: People used to have computer at home for example to be informed of what is happening around the World. This can be made by internet. Some people when they are in their native country or when they are abroad, they use computer to have some information about their country. For example, if an American lives in France and he wants to have information about Presidential election in USA, he can have it using computer. The remote access enables people to connect to a computer network form any
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There are games players a computer such as a PC or a Laptop. we have online and offline types of computer gaming.
Online: players or users are using internet to play games, as a competition, sometimes they don’t need to play a DVD game. Those games sometimes need to be downloaded before beginning to play it.
Offline: players are able to play game in their computer using a DVD or a CD-ROM game.
They use standard computer interface devices such as keyboard, joystick, and mouse to control their game.[11]


We use computer to communicate as well. There are some companies that use computer to communicate with their customers or their employees. For example, a journalist when he is sent to another country to take reportage about a situation they use computer to communicate with their company or TV.
We can also repeat that we communicate with people through some internet applications such SKYPE OR YAHOO MESSENGER. We can use them to call to a mobile phone as well.[13]
Sometimes, when we are on a plane, we hear and receive information from the cabin crew or the pilot about the weather or the destination.


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