Essay about Racism : A Day Of Great Social Strife

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I grew up in a time of great social strife. My wife and I were born before World War II, long before the civil rights movement, yet I was raised in a household where racism did not exist. My mother, an activist far ahead of her time, stressed upon me the importance of diversity and equality. She often welcomed into our home people from all different walks of life. As a child I experienced and learned diversity from my own dinner table. This way of thinking carried with me throughout my life, from my travels in Africa and Southeast Asia, my career as an officer in the United States military, and my experience as a university professor. I am here not only to correct a misconception about racism in the United States in the early 1900’s, but also to state my position on modern day racism. Racism has certainly evolved over the decades; however, everyone can benefit from living in a society where race does not matter. I know that my life has personally benefited from my acceptance of all races, which developed in my early childhood.
As a child, I grew up in the city of New York, New Jersey. I lived a different life from the average kid in my hometown. I can recall many occasions during which my mother would invite strangers of all different races into our home because my mother desired the company and the strangers appeared to be in need. Sometimes these strangers only came over for dinner, and other times they would spend the night. These diverse gatherings greatly…

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