Public Schools Vs. Private Schools Essay

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Public Schools are no Comparison to Private Schools.
I. Introduction
A. Private schools get talked about all the time just because the majority think private schools aren’t affordable. So, people automatically jump to side with public schools. The thing is private schools may charge but don’t face all the problems public schools have. For example, public schools are too big and don’t have time to help each and every student a teacher has. Public schools are just a big problem that almost no person realizes.
B. Private schools are a much better place for education. Public schools are no comparison to private schools.
C. Public schools are not a good place to educate kids. Public schools are too big, unorganized, and the school just doesn’t care if kids learn what they have to or not.
II. A school size and classroom size may seem irrelevant to many people but in reality the amount of people attending a school and the amount of people in a class room is very important to know. How much a student can learn does have to do allot with how big the school is. Another thing that private schools do to help their students out is that teachers get more involved than many other teachers.
A. “Small classes equal to plenty of personal attention” (Kennedy).
1. Private schools have 300-400 students first through fifth grade. Smaller class rooms allow teachers to give each of their students the right amount of personal attention.
2. With more personal attention students could adapt better…

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