Essay on Public Schools And Private Schools

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At the grocery store, the bagger asks paper or plastic? When parents have to send their children to school, they ask public or private? Each type of school displays advantages and disadvantages that may benefit or inhibit a student’s educational development. The academics and extracurricular activities advance a student’s growth; however, the financial dependence and school demographics may hinder a student’s growth. Classrooms, desks, and teachers depict the physical aspects of a school; however, the foundation and financial assistance that define the essence of a school contrast public schools and private schools.
Funding schools creates a difficult task. The primary source of funding for a public school comes from the state, but donations and extracurricular activities also fund public schools. Public schools rely on state and federal tax dollars, so they must follow state regulated guidelines (Pascual). When a state’s budget falls short, the school districts must cut expenses from their staff, sporting events, or supplies. Therefore, donations and extracurricular activities have to compensate for the loss. Booster and alumni organizations also finance public institutions because they want to support the school. Sometimes businesses or families make donations when they feel obligated to share their wealth to help the school district. Sporting events may also fund schools because of the money it takes to put on the event. Clubs and fairs support schools through…

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