Public School Vs. Public Schools Essay

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For many years people have been programmed to believe that everything that was taught in a classroom would lead us to a bright and youthful future. But, time and time again, research has proven otherwise when being compared to other countries. Not to mention, being a subject of these institutions of higher learning and growing up in the public school systems, I have come the realization that the public schools were intentionally designed for those who are not at the aristocratic level to fail. In fact, in actuality, the real purpose of education is not to educate its subjects, but socialize them, but I will explain this later in this essay. As a whole, our education system has failed us through our politicians, psychologist, and pharmaceutical companies along with other factors.
“Twenty years ago the U.S. ranked first in the world in the number of young adults who had high school diplomas and college degrees. Today we rank ninth and seventh, respectively, among industrialized nations. Compared to Europe and Asia, 15-year-olds in the United States are below average in applying math skills to real-life tasks. The United States ranks 18 out of 24 industrialized nations in terms of relative effectiveness of its education system. Knowledge in history, geography, grammar, civics and literature are all in decline in terms of academic understanding and achievement.” (“The public education is failing”).
First and for most, it all starts with our politicians, because for many of the…

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