Public School Vs. Private Schools Essay

918 Words Feb 9th, 2016 4 Pages
School have the biggest impact on kids now days. They spend close to 8 hours just in mandatory schooling at there public or private school. That doesn’t add the time they spend with extra curricular activities they do, if that be sports or scholastic after school activities. With all this time they spend at school with other kids they’re gaining new experiences and changing to the environment they are in. Parents usually debate about whether they should send their kids to a public school or private school. I’ve categorized school what you gain from school choice on four different categories, academic, athletics, social experiences. every school has their outliner schools, whether that be bad of good, but in this paper we will be talking about the average schools for both. I Believe that by the end of the paper private schools will have the advantage in most categories against private schools. The first category that we are going to look at is how a school does academically. Both schools follow majority of the same curriculum but it’s a matter of who does a better job at teaching the curriculum. Private schools usually have the more rigorous curriculum then most private schools. Private schools also have a tendency to have students who are more organized and a better time management skills then public. Since Private school tend to have students who are better organized with better time management when they go off to college they are much better equipped to succeed. In a…

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