Essay on Project Uses Of Sdn Technology

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The project uses this SDN technology due to its vast number of applications. The administrator to program the network in any way they want can utilize SDN. It can be used to virtualize the network and divide a single network into many virtual networks, thereby isolating various areas in a single network. These individual virtual networks can then be configured by the administrator for any purpose he feels good. SDN comprises of many more advantages and applications that would be discussed in the rest of the project. The aim of this Master’s project is to find various defense mechanisms that can protect a network against most commonly occurring network attacks. Due to the advantages and features discussed above about the SDN, it would be the best available option to use to tackle the present difficulties to mitigate the network attacks.

B. Network Monitoring Tools: A switch has the capability of forwarding the packets to and fro in a network. It can be used to follow a set of rules, however, it cannot be used to analyze a network behavior. In this project, we are detecting an attack on a network by analyzing the behavior of the network. This has to be done by using a network-monitoring tool.

Network monitoring tools are nothing but the tools that keep a tab on each and every packet flowing through a network. By doing this they build a graph that shows the overall statistics of the network. These tools react accordingly based on the given threshold limits by the…

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