Project Management : Franklin Electronics Essay

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Management Consulting has been a leader in Project Management with over 20 year of experience in the industry. Our organization has examined the current contact and will offer our expertise towards recommendations moving forward with Spokane Industries. This report will outline some methodologies for Franklin Electronics to streamline your process. By using Management Consultation recommendations will help your organization become more effective and efficient.

Franklin Electronics is dedicated to exceed expectations in Spokane Industries goals of 18- month project development. Using Six Sigma will allow Franklin Electrics to effectively meet our partner needs of efficiency and quality measures. Six Sigma is able to distinguish between the problems with production within our product.

Six Sigma are Define, Measure and Analyze (DMA..).The first step to determine in RFP is to priorities the objectives of the business and, by any extension, the project. Take project criteria, which you promised and determine how they may be measured and lastly, the RFP document provides a mechanism for analyzing the measured criteria.

Problem In correlation with Six Sigma principles Franklin Industries will use the phase of Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC). With the implementation of Six Sigma, it is possible to determine the key factors affecting a manufacturing process, identify the optimum levels or tolerances and improvement opportunities…

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