Project Management Control Concepts Of Franklin Electronics And Spokane Industries

1092 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
Due to EVM being brand new to the relationship of Franklin Electronics and Spokane Industries, there are many project management control concepts that may have been overlooked, such as: working to prevent scope creep, creating proper milestones and work breakdown structures to make clear estimations, recognizing trade-off techniques, and the learning curve necessary to implement this new practice in every day business. Controlling a project using an earned value management system (EVMS), especially in an electronic format, allows for clear progress reporting, frequent status reports, and visuals that ensure all changes necessary during a project are completed in a timely manner to secure the success of a project, or at least reduce failures. Additionally, after success is reached at a project level, an organization can deploy the use of an EVMS company wide, enabling a company to pool resources where necessary, improving return on investment, company competitiveness, and satisfied staff, while improving efficiency and empowering management to make better and informed decisions. Obtaining a positive return on investment requires improving quality, decreasing costs, improving productivity, decreasing prices, and increasing market share (Kerzner, 2013). It is evident that Spokane Industries is concerned first and foremost by time and cost. At each juncture, or status report delivery time, the team should evaluate the progress, having an understanding of the issues that are…

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