Private Schools Vs. Public Schools Essay

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Private vs. Public
Private schools have an extremely unfair advantage against public schools in high school sports. There are many reasons why this is unfair; one being that private schools can recruit. They also have a larger pool to pick from and can hand pick their team, while public schools are limited to the people willing to try out, and kids that go to a private school can focus on one sport because of the amount of talent recruited for other sports. While kids in a public school have to play other sports just to have enough players for that sport. That is why public and private high schools should have to play in separate state tournaments. Most private schools build their sport programs from recruiting players. Most to all private schools are successful every year. Constantly being competitive and winning makes it a good spot for a kid to move into a good situation. Private schools have kids moving in from all over the state. Kids that go to private schools do not have to live in a certain area. They could live 30 minutes from one private school and attend that school over another they live right beside. With public schools students have to go within the district that they live in. An example of that is two kids that live in Louisville attend a private school in Indiana. They were the two best basketball players on their team and was a top 10 team in the state all year. People believe that they should not play each other at all. It is good for public schools to…

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