Private Schools Vs Public School Education Essay example

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Private School Education Vs Public School Education
Education is a key needed essential in today’s American society to succeed. Almost every parent in the United States of America,at least have wondered one time before which is better private or public school. Some may argue that private schools are better than public schools. Public school education and private school education both have there ups and downs, but which is better? Public and private schools education will be discussed throughout this research paper.
There are over 30,000 private schools in the United States of America (Robbins, 2014). Attending those 30,000 schools are roughly 5.3 american children. 80 percent of private schools in America are religiously affiliated private schools. On the other hand the other 20 percent are independent private schools (non religious). On the average private elementary schools cost $7,770 and private high schools $13,640. (
There are around 99,000 public schools in the United States of America . Attending these 99,000 there are over 50 million students. 2.3 million of the 50 million students in public schools attend charter schools. Out the 99,000 public schools there are over 6,000 of them are charter schools. There is no escaping paying taxes in the United States, so public schools in the United States are basically free. The tuition of public schools in the United States of America, are covered from american property taxes.…

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