Essay about Private School Vs. Private Schools

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No Schools in Canada should be privatized Majority of the schools in Canada are public, but there is a portion of schools that are private. An advantage to private schools is that the class sizes are smaller (, but there are a lot more disadvantages to private school than there are advantages. There are many good private schools, but there are also a lot more unacceptable ones. Not only will this affect the student’s education, but the family will also be wasting their earnings, as private school is very expensive. Some disadvantages are that almost anyone can open a private school, private school teachers might not be certified, and enrollment is selective ( With many disadvantages and flaws in the private school system, private schools should be banned. One main disadvantage is that there is no law to stop a person from opening a private school ( Even if the person has no education training, they are still able to open a private school and start enrolling students. This is very unacceptable as the quality of education being provided might not be the best, and the teachers being hired may not be certified. In Canada, with exceptions to BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, private schools are not required to hire certified teachers ( Since they are not required to pay more money to hire a more qualified teacher, the school might choose an adult who is less qualified, but can work for cheaper. Following the theory of a…

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