President Franklin Roosevelt And The Government System Essays

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“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to abundance of those who have much; it whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”- President Franklin Roosevelt. The government system was created by the founding fathers to prevent anarchy. This system has helped the country run since its creation. Unfortunately, there are time in which democracy comes to a halt due to the disagreements between the government parties in the house of congress and the House of Representatives. The disagreement can go as far as to some politicians shutting down the government to stop a bill from passing. Complete agreement our One would wonder, what was so wrong about this bill that they went as far as shutting down the government? Many government funded organizations and systems were closed due to the government shutdown which caused government employees to go without pay. Why would one political party go to such an extent? One would wonder why the Republican Party would go to such extent. What caused it? It’s a health care reform called the affordable care act. For decades the United States has struggled to find a solution to the poor health system. Where the insurance companies had the upper hand in the healthcare industry. The affordable care act, also known as Obama care, is the bill that was created to solve this crisis, but with its pros and cons has brought its controversy.
For decades, many have gone uninsured due to the costs or the inability to qualify due to…

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