Essay on Philosophy

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Thinking Critically: Philosophies of Life

Michele Brown

Eastern Nazarene College

East Meets West Western Philosophy and Globalization

CP 290

August 15, 2013

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Others have said something greater will come from it such as opportunity or learning. In my life’s experiences both good and bad I have applied this thinking and have been able to move forward.
For me peace of mind is also an essential part of the stoic belief system and I agree with idea. Wisdom and self-control are relative in order to achieve this as it is through the divine order in which we have been created. I believe our ability to make choices and respond is ours yet also


predetermined, as God has predetermined our fate and existence, including how and when this will happen for each one of us. I tie this to the quote from one of our great stoic philosophers Epictetus, “Events do not just happen, but arrive by appointment.” (Page 50) I can identify with the notion that how we respond to our life’s assignment be true, however I believe that God is in charge and has established when our understanding of self-control and wisdom become our own.
In contrast the philosophy known as existentialism focuses on the irrational. The idea that there is no God and we are “condemned to be free” (Page 47) does not support my thinking and beliefs. As a child I was raised to believe in the existence of God creator of heaven and earth. I attribute my belief system partially to my

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