Philosophy Account of Man Essay

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This is a reflection in how man has influenced the universe or the world which he lives. From the origin of man till date, he has substantially brought nature under control and his existence is all about how nature and d universe has influenced man and vice-versa. What is philosophy and why is it necessary that we provide the philosophy account of man? The challenge here and the probable answers to the question raised rest on our ability to understand and correctly define first what philosophy is and from there we proceed to give reasons why it must be built on some foundation of man, in this case a philosophic account (foundation). Philosophy most time deals with the probe into
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It is only from the human being that the philosophical attitude can be elicited or derived, not from cows, chimpanzees, dogs or even termites which some wrongly have credited with some sense. That which essentially separates us from all other animals and plants is that as human beings , we possess a human brain which enables us to do two distinct things, namely think and reason. As human we are capable of thinking and reasoning. Both activities are however not quite the same even though both derived from the same source, the human brain. Thinking is a wider preoccupation that is loose, multidirectional and liberal, it is not strictly specialized.
Philosophy of man: * Human nature: an overview * People may differ in many aspects. They may differ * In size, color of skin, race, socioeconomic status, and * many more. Despite these differences, they are all * beings with divergent concepts and views about * human nature. * PRE-SOCRATIC VIEWS OF MAN * Thales- “ Man has 80% water in his brain and 70% water in his body , or a “man has a water stuff”. * Anaximenes- “Man is a human body with a condensed air and a rarefied human soul”. * Heraclitus- “Man has fire stuff in him in the form of heat.” * Anaximander – “Man is a human being that has evolved from animals of another species which are lower than his.” * Pythagoras- “Man is a dipartite of body and soul .” That a soul is immortal,

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