Pentecostalism Essay

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Ashlee Oliver
Theology IV
Mr. Boyle
1 November 2012
Pentecostalism originated in 1901 in Topeka, Kansas. A woman named Agnes Ozman claimed to become baptized with the Holy Spirit of God, and she started to speak in an unknown “tongue”. After this event occurred, multiple events like these occurred in other places. This practice of Pentecostalism was an addition to the Holiness Movement. In 1906, in Los Angeles, California, there was more documentation of “tongues” being spoken. Having the experience of speaking in other languages is called glossolalia. At the Azusa Street Mission, blacks and whites gathered together for worship, which spread the early Pentecostal Movement. During this time the
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They also believe that it is essential that your faith in Jesus Christ changes your everyday life. One of the main beliefs of Pentecostalism is salvation. Those who practice Pentecostalism believe that because Jesus Christ died and resurrected, our sins can be forgiven. Being born again is one of the requirements of being Pentecostal. Another belief of Pentecostalism is baptism. People who practice Pentecostalism refer to three types of baptism. One type is Baptism into the body of Christ. This type of baptism is associated with salvation. Another form of baptism is water baptism. Water baptism is associated with giving up your worldly life and living your life through Christ. The last form of baptism is baptism with the Holy Spirit. Baptism with the Holy Spirit refers to an establishing experience that often is associated with the unknown tongue. Pentecostalism believers understand that Jesus is the healer of all wounds. Pentecostals believe in divine healing for the following reasons: It is stated in the Bible, Jesus’ atonement includes divine healing, and because salvation is the only way to restore the world that has fallen and sickness is a consequence of this. Another main belief of Pentecostalism is the returning of Christ. The Second Coming of Christ encourages Pentecostals to live holy. Pentecostals believe that they will not see Christ come for the second time if they do not live right. Pentecostals also believe that the spiritual gifts or sign gifts still

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