Essay on Obituary Of The Good Ole Days

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Obituary of the Good Ole Days Imagine a little league baseball coach- a middle-aged man with graying hair and the faint odor of barbecue sauce lingering on his cargo shorts. He towers over his team of scrappy second graders and looks down with disapproval. Instead of encouraging the children to play to their strengths and enjoy the game, he tirelessly ridicules the young players for having more advanced bats and gloves than he did. Back in his day, he had to make do with a wooden bat and a worn-out glove passed down from his older brother. Knowing that the team in front of him will never experience the rugged game that he once knew, he storms away, leaving the young boys to fend for themselves. In a similarly ridiculous fashion, the older and more established members of society have alienated themselves from the rising millennial generation. Seeing that they have become immersed in smart phones, the internet, and color television, adults have begun to turn their backs on the people who are preparing to shape the character of this country. The specific example at hand is a comic in which a bewildered young boy asks his classmate how to turn on his textbook, as if he had never seen a paperback book before. Although the artist is valid in his observation that children have a dependency on the convenience of technology, he is taking the malignant route to addressing the issue in which deprecation is heaped upon children and teenagers. It is true that children often behave in…

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