Essay on Nike Uses Data And Information Technology

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Nike uses data and information technology such as the internet to maximize sales globally in the athletic footwear market. Nike was the pioneer in E-business, becoming the first company in the market to invest in online trading, giving it a definite advantage over competitors such as Adidas. Nike could benefit greatly by investing in advertising and online retail strategies in developing countries like Russia, Indonesia, and Brazil. Information technology, or IT, “relates to processes and applications that create new methods to solve problems, perform tasks, and manage communications,” (Ferrell and Hirt 75). Examples of information technology range from internet, extranet, intranet, data, etc. Nike collects data from sales all over the world and compiles it to assess where it does most of its business, where it should focus, and where it can improve. Based off of Nike’s sales data, it does more than 47% of its business in North America. By compiling sales information in this way, Nike is turning simple sales data into information,, “information includes meaningful and useful interpretation of data and knowledge that can be used in making decisions,” (Ferrell and Hirt 77). Information is a critical part of Nike’s business plan, without information Nike would be totally uninformed of the happenings of the company and would then make poor business decisions. In order to manage all of this information, Nike has devoted entire departments to management information…

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