Next Day Air Case Essay

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Homework Assignment 4 (20 pts) - Due Wednesday 11/14/2012 8:00am

Please complete the Next Day Air Case questions for Chapter 3 (handed out in class and posted to Blackboard) as per the instructions below: A, Complete Question 3 – noting that this is all for using dial-up modems. B. Complete Question 4. C. Complete Question 2 – as if you were were redesigning their network(s). D. Complete Question 5.

Post to the Assignments area of Blackboard, and bring a hardcopy to class to turn in.

Please turn in hardcopy at start of class in order to not lose any points for being late.

Ex e r c is e s 1 . Pres id en t Coon e is b a ffled a b ou t h ow d igita l in form a tion from a com p u ter ca n b e s en t
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