New Years Day Essay

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Essay of” New Year’s day”
The short story “New Year’s day” is written by a female writer Fay Weldon. In this story there is a man called Alan, and two girls who are called Clare and Amy. Clare is in a relationship with Alan, and Amy is Alan’s ex-girlfriend. This text gives us an example of how difficult it is to find the love. The message in this story is that could be difficult and hard to find the one and only, the person you have to live the rest of your life with, and the one you love and who loves you. When you see messages like this, there is a big probability of, that it is a girl that is the writer, because often write girls about love, and boys about war.
Clare is a thirty-two years old woman, who is Alan’s girlfriend. On the
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53 l. 40-45 “paid the taxi last night...”).
In their relationship they have had a lot of quarrels and bad conversations. When they have these conversations, Alan ends up by saying: “We’re so lucky to have each other” and “I have never been so happy in all my life. Let’s just get to the top of the hills before we turn back” (P.56 l.12-14).
Alan tries to save the situation, but when he said that, it was too late. Now Clare has got a plan.

In the story there are a lot of strange events, which meaning is to attract Clares attention. The example with the sour milk is also one of the events. Their relationship is like sour milk. Boring, sour, and maybe Clare have to find a new a fresh boyfriend (P. 52 l. 13).
Another strange event is when she was awakened by her telephone in the early morning. The alert is not just a “wake-up-alert”, but more like a “think-of-you-relationship-alert” (P. 51 l. 1-3)
In the text (P. 54 l.24-33), when the smoke alert is go off Clare is sure that she had turned off the oven. Clare blames Amy for these events. Connected with all these events I will bring these quote “My, you are paranoid” (P.55 l. 8). Maybe it’s Clare who done all these things, but without any feeling of suspicion. She is paranoid.
The title of the story is New Year’s Day. It‘s the day where the story goes on, but also the day where many people start a new life, with new plans and new partners. It‘s the day where Clare leave Alan, and

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