New Educational Paradigm : Education And Creativity Export And Recipient Of The Rsa 's Benjamin Franklin Award

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New Educational Paradigm
I would like to propose an Educational Paradigm change. At the World-renowned education and creativity export and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin Award, done in 2010, an animated presentation was given titled Changing Educational Paradigms originally done by Robinson that I would like to take a step further (Robinson, 2010).
Although to start down this road we must look back. In Robinson presentation, he points to many factors that have played out so we can learn from our mistakes. Isn’t that what learning is about, making mistakes, seeing what you did wrong, and then doing it right? To begin this road to a new Educational Paradigm let us start from the perspective of Intelligence.
What is real intelligence anyway, and can it be tested, or measured? I believe we have labeled academics as intelligence, and we believe only intelligent people are successful. When in reality, there are two kinds of people, academic and non-academic; and both have intelligence. Some intelligence that cannot be measured on tests are curiosity, resilience, persistence, motivation, resourcefulness, and self-disciplined. Angela Lee Duckworth, an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, has done extensive studies on what causes a person to be successful in life. She goes on to show that, “it is the person with more grit, or self-determination that determines success, not their academic intelligence” (Groth, 2013). Sounds like Value or…

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