Essay on My Personal Philosophy Of Student Affairs

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My Personal Philosophy of Student Affairs My career working with college students who seek for their professions in Korea and my own experience during college have helped me to shape my personal philosophy of student affairs. I define student affairs to be a guiding lamp that shows people the way they follow and help them find their path effectively regardless of being on the right track or being lost. In this paper, I would like to address how student affairs affect the college students through my experience, why student affairs is important to higher education institutions and why student affairs currently appears to be a my profession to me. As the first generation to become a college student in my family, the college life was scary to me in the first year. Living with people who I have never known in a different environment and having education under my own financial responsibility drove me to be stressful and confused. The things that led me to release from these unexpected situations were the student organization work that I joined and people who belonged to the same student affairs as mine in the sophomore year. On the senior year, I became the member of leading group of the organization and helped students navigate through challenge that they face as I did before. After graduation, I realized how much I gained more from the outside of the classroom than I learned within the academic setting. Building the relationship with people and collaborating with…

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