My Personal On Computer Science Essay

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1. What developed your interest in computer science? How will the EP program support your future goals?

My passion for computer science did not develop because of a single occurrence, but rather it grew steadily over a period of several years. My introduction to programming came in elementary school when my sixth grade teacher set aside time each week to teach the class basic programming concepts using JavaScript. I am grateful for this early exposure because individuals from other schools, such as my cousins, did not have this opportunity. I attribute these lessons to my current interest in technology because they inspired me to continue coding during my spare time.

By the time I reached high school I became very eager for my first full computer science course, which I was eligible to take in grade 10. My computer science teacher in high school was my favorite because he knew how enthusiastic I was to take his class, and he really made an effort to challenge me and push me above and beyond what I thought I was capable of. By this point in my life it had become clear to me that software engineering was my ideal profession.

I first heard about the Google Engineering Practicum through my university’s cooperative education centre. After I did some research, it became apparent that this opportunity was something I did not want to miss out on. Internships are important because they provide experiences that cannot be had through regular classroom instruction.…

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