My High School Is Not A Feeder School Essay example

2224 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
I attended a very small high school where only a very small percentage of students went on to higher education after high school. Only general education courses were taught. There was little-to-none college preparatory courses. The culture of my high school was not a feeder school to higher education (McDonough 1994). The main focus of my high school was sports and retaining students to graduate high school. The only movement toward helping students attend college was that we did take the ACT test, but there was no preparatory training involved, We just simply went and took it one day. As I was growing up, college and higher education in general was not important. The idea of attending college after graduating high school was a completely foreign concept for my parents. I was raised that the only important thing was to get a “good education” and to them a good education meant successfully graduating high school. There was not even an importance placed on making good grades. As long as I passed this was all that mattered. In fact, my father instilled in me that I should graduate high school, find a job at a local factory or some equivalent, get married, and have kids like everyone else in the family. I can hardly remember any conversations with my family about college growing up. It was not discussed simply because it was not what people did in my hometown. My mother married very young, which was one of the reasons she left high school early. She never really…

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