My First Day Of The Semester Essay

1278 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
The first day of the semester when I logged into Organizational Behaviors I was extremely nervous. This course was one of my first online courses which I would could have two of this semester. I logged in having no clue what or who to expect. It was much relief when I saw and organized road map of the semester and everything we would be completed in the announcements sections. Now as the semester comes to an end I was happy to see the course stick to this schedule with no interruptions or surprises. Once it did the initial discussion board I was ellated to see someone my other friends from CCBC in the course with me. This reassured me that I would be able to contact ym perfessor as well as reference friends whiles studying if I struggle with anything. The course progressed seamlessly for me and I did not have to utlize the message feature in blackboard. This being said I always knew it was a great way to contact my professor about anything I have needed to. I enjoyed the occasional discussion. These discussion boards were helpful in seeing other students points of views. With being given the pertunity to work with my other students it helped make the course feel real. These opertunities helped feel the student to student interaction that can sometimes be lacking in class with the virtual platform. As I moved through the text and completed my assignments I used multiple tools to help achieve my success. I would always review the power point before I would read the…

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