My First Day At The United States Essay

1229 Words Oct 29th, 2015 null Page
my nuclear family belong to and I am still learning. Living in the United States has being a challenge for me. My nuclear family and I have to learn how to pay bills every month, because back in my country you pay bills according to your agreement with the company or the owner. I remember when my spouse and I just got to the United States of America and we are living in an apartment, we both forgot to pay the monthly apartment rent two times just because we are just getting use to that way of life. But immediate I remember, fortunately it was not too late at that time. Also the day I drove on a one way road lane and I did not know it was one way, it was the driver on the other lane that alert me that I am driving on the wrong lane. I became a new born baby that is just being nurture, because I started to learn new things that is totally different from what I know.
My first day in college was not funny at all. I parked my car in the parking lot and coming out of the class, I can found my car. I thought my car was stolen, not knowing that I did not know where I parked it, because every parking lot look the same, then I started crying and calling my spouse. Then my spouse told me to go into one of the college building and talk to someone about it. Getting into the building, I saw a police man, then 1 told him about my car he asked me if I know where I parked my car and I said no, so he started to drove me all around the parking lot. Even though, parts of me was searching for…

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