My First Day As A New Elementary School Essay

877 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
Although almost ten years have passed by, I can vividly remember the day I moved into my house. I remember walking in and inhaling the fresh smell of cinnamon potpourri from the moment I entered. Dancing across my nose, the smell of cinnamon made me feel at home; it reminded me of the times I would bake apple pie with my sister at my old house. The sweet yet spicy fragrance gave me a sense of safety and comfort even though I was in a completely different territory. Not long after, I had started a new elementary school. On my second first day as a third grader, my class was making apple cider. Among the ingredients were: apple juice, sugar, whipped cream, and last but not least, cinnamon sticks, which were to be used as garnishes. The cinnamon sticks, with their aroma filling the air, were placed in a cup to be passed around so that each student could get two. Unfortunately, the cup was two sticks short. Luckily, I was the last person to get the cup. The girl next to me looked like she was about to cry because she was the only one who would not have cinnamon sticks in her cider. The look on her face made me feel sorry for her so I gave her the last cinnamon sticks before I put them into my cider. My small gesture made her face light up and not long after, we became friends. As strange as it may seem, to this day, whenever I smell cinnamon, I am reminded of new beginnings and making friends. In relation to my experiences, there have also been studies that…

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