Essay on My Favorite Day Of The Week

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“I am happy to say that for a long time now, and to this day, Monday is my favorite day of the week.” Dr. Francois Le Roy is what everyone aspires to be, happy. Most people can go their whole lives without finding what Dr. Le Roy has. “I like going back to work, because I like what I do.” He inspires those around him when he speaks about what he does. “It’s what I wish on everybody, and I’m hoping that is why people are in college.” He loves what he does, and it is hard for him to imagine doing anything else anywhere else. “It’s hard for me to imagine, because I love it here.”
Dr. Le Roy is a prime example of why everyone should take any opportunity they can to learn something about themselves. “I still did not know I wanted to teach, I only found out I wanted to teach when I started teaching.” Dr. Le Roy is as passionate about teaching as he ever was, even though he is no longer a history teacher at NKU. “I love teaching, but now the only time I teach is when I teach abroad.” Dr. Le Roy is adamant that teaching is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and that it is mostly about touching someone’s life. He takes teaching very seriously, and believes it is the teacher’s responsibility to make a student want to learn. “I’ve always had a love for teaching survey level classes, I love teaching history 101. Because I thought this was the one chance I had to show students the importance of history.” He wanted to instill a certain passion for learning history within everyone he…

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