Modern Day Management Theories Are Influenced By Two Schools Of Thought

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Modern day management theories are greatly influenced by two schools of thought. The first being ‘Scientific Management’, or sometimes known as Taylorism, whose main theme stems from the separation of conception from execution (Evangelopoulos, 2011; Blake & Moseley, 2011). This approach was first implemented by Frederick W. Taylor who stressed on the importance of a scientific approach towards management (Miller & Form, 1964). Although effective in certain aspects of industries, it raised a wave of criticism regarding its principles of strict task allocation and dehumanization of workers (Huang, Tung, Lo & Chou, 2013). The second theory is titled ‘Humans Relations’ which was formed by Elton Mayo and his team based on results from the Hawthorne research (Miller & Form, 1964). It implicitly assumes that all workers have an inherit desire and right to achieve satisfaction and intrinsic involvement in their work (Kaplan, Tausky & Bolaria, 1955). These two approaches differ enormously in both their assumptions about the mindset of a worker and methods on improving efficiency as discussed in this thesis. In Scientific Management, it is assumed that employees are motivated to perform better if management offers incentives, primarily monetary incentives (Huang, Tung, Lo & Chou, 2013; Bell & Martin, 2012). This originates from the economic-man concept, which was advocated by Taylor, where one acts rationally to advance one’s interest with money as the principal incentive…

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