Modern Day Education And Observation Essay

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Since the early days of writing and even spoken word, stories often tell of the time in which they were first told, even if that story may be about dragons, mythical kings, or even magical beings. We learn from these stories and the insight they have to offer us in modern day education and observation. We learn how things operated, how people were treated, the views on religion, and sexuality, and in this particular case, women’s sexuality.
It is no surprise that in history women are more than likely treated to be treated as second-class beings and seen as less. Women often had no say and little rights to their names or their gender. So it can be perplexing when there are two definite portrayals of women in writing from the around 800 AD all the way up to the early 13th century, in early British literature. Women in early writing can often being observed as having split-personalities on how they’re portrayed and their purpose in a story. They are either portrayed as pure and wholesome or as a temptress and evil. If a woman has any hint of sexuality in text she is usually there to serve as a plot device or lesson to another character.
In early English Literature a woman’s sexuality is most commonly viewed negatively and was frowned upon unless it portrayed to a willing male character. Women are never strictly portrayed as with both bad and good qualities, it is either one or the other and that is what will define them throughout the text and history.
In Beowulf, one of the…

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