Modern Day Culture And Its Effects On Society Essay

1155 Words Oct 27th, 2015 5 Pages
Over the past decade and a half, life as an adolescent has changed dramatically. Currently growing up in an age of cell phones, internet, and an over-sexualized society has altered how a teenager handles puberty and development. Modern day culture has shifted the world into a careless and harmful surrounding for coming-of-age preteens. Due to the generality of this circumstance, physiologically troubled individuals are often pivotal characters in countless films. However, disturbed characters can commonly be misinterpreted and portrayed incorrectly due to ignorance in Hollywood today. Thankfully, screenwriters Catherine Harwicke and Nikki Reed nail the physiological phenomenon that is growing up in the 2000’s. Through it’s authentic and accurate illustrations of 21st century teen culture, Thirteen suggests that decisions made during adolescence are damaged by one’s environment. Peer pressure and conformity to surrounding norms has proven to contribute to one’s overall behavior and appearance throughout juvenescence. As main character Tracy Freeland admires rebellious counter-character, Evie, during lunchtime, she begins to realize that her only way to become popular and accepted by her peers is to conform to Evie’s appearance and behavior. Over time, the audience follows the once pure and barbie-playing Tracy into her gradual, yet constant, drug and alcohol usage, foul vocabulary, and skimpy outfits. This is only the beginning of Tracy’s spiral into constant conformity to…

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