Essay about Mission Statement And Compensation Philosophy : Jet Midwest

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Mission Statement & Compensation Philosophy
Jet Midwest believes that a competent, capable, and committed workforce is essential to achieving our mission of building a world class, profitable aircraft parts company that provides excellent products and services to its customers worldwide, fosters a collaborative team environment, and maintains the best reputation amongst customers and employees.
Jet Midwest recognizes the importance of total compensation in attracting, retaining, recognizing, and rewarding the best employees who are committed to providing outstanding service and furthering the mission and values of the Company.
This compensation plan serves Jet Midwest by:
• Aligning the company vision, mission, values, and goals to its compensation practices
• Prioritizing compensation choices to make the most effective use of fiscal resources
• Provide clear direction for the management of compensation decisions for employees
• Supports the improvement of current and future workforce in the areas of retention, diversity, and recruitment
To further employee and management understanding of the compensation plan, Jet Midwest is committed to:
• Clear communication to employees regarding the Company and Department vision, mission, values, and goals and setting expectations for employees’ roles and performance expectations
• Transparency on the philosophy and strategies for total employee compensation so employees understand what is expected during employment with Jet Midwest

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