Middle School Is A Small, Inner City School Essay

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Maxwell Middle School is a small, inner city school. Many of the students come from low income, single parent families. It is a rough neighborhood for both students and teachers to learn and grow.
Sarah is fourteen years old. She lives in a small apartment with her aunt and four younger siblings. Her aunt works three jobs and Sarah is often left alone to care for her brothers and sisters. She is struggling in school, often too tired or stressed to be able to focus on her schoolwork.
Mike is thirteen years old. He works hard and tries to get good grades. Both of his parents are high school teachers, so he gets a lot of extra tutoring at home. Mike is advanced for his age and has been invited to attend Mason Hall private high school this upcoming fall.
Mr. Adams teaches eighth grade American history. He divides his history class into groups of four to work on an upcoming project. Mike and Sarah’s group is assigned to research information about the technological advancements in World War II.
The day before the assignment is due, Mike notices that Sarah has plagiarized her section of the project. She had taken information from Wikipedia and had chosen to copy and paste her part of the assignment from the online article. He knows that Sarah has a rough home life. She often comes to school looking tired and she has expressed to him how overwhelmed she feels. Mike emails Sarah and tells her that he knows that she plagiarized and he asks her to redo her section. He will even help…

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