Essay about Media Objectivity

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How has the media’s objectivity been affected by the explosion of information sources? Will individuals increasingly live in worlds of their own ideological and moral construction by further isolating themselves from competing ideas? Are we entering an era of “choose your truth”? How does information technology further expand the same rifts between civilizations and between individuals in the same communities? How does it bridge those divides?

The media has been adversely affected by the explosion of information sources. It has become a tedious and cumbersome endeavor to accurately locate information sources that can stand to even the slightest bit of scrutinizing. For those who attempt to report the truth, they continue to find it
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Information technology has opened the doors for everything from the creation of multibillion dollar news agencies and the proliferation of social media to the creation of state sanctioned agencies to monitor and control the spread of information.
With the invention of social media the public has obtained more power to communicate than ever before. The ability to share ideas and facilitate there implementation with amazing speed is a phenomenon that has never been experienced before in human history. This new technology has helped redefine sovereign and cultural borders by bypassing traditional third parties and going straight to the source. A prime example can be seen in the effect that social media has played regarding U.S. and Iranian relations. Though the relationship between the two governments are still as cold as our new winters, the relationships between the people of both countries are starting to grow, challenging the belief that the people hate each other. “For the first time young people in America were connecting with young people in Iran, and realizing they had far more in common than they'd ever thought (Omidyar, 2014)”.
Though this new technology can be seen as a blessing by many, it can also be seen as a curse by those in power. If one were to look at the “Arab Spring” as an example of the strength of information technology, they would find that the previous leaders of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia would be adamant protestors (the ones

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