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In efforts to reform the United States healthcare system and create a nationally unified data exchange system the federal government has established an incentive program to eligible professionals and hospitals. The federal government has turned to certified electronic health record (EHR) technology to help facilitate the process of broadening health IT infrastructures. The federal government views EHR system used in meaningful ways as the key to reforming the healthcare systems. Meaningful use of the EHR systems can also improve the overall quality of healthcare, insure patient safety, as well as reduce the cost of healthcare to individuals (Bigalke & Morris, 2010, p. 116).
The responsibility of employing the new EHR Medicare and Medicaid
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Electronic health records also allow information to be shared more easily among doctors' offices, hospitals, and across health systems, leading to better coordination of care.
• Patient empowerment- Electronic health records will help empower patients to take a more active role in their health and in the health of their families. Patients can receive electronic copies of their medical records and share their health information securely over the Internet with their families (, EHR Incentive Program, 2012).
Eligible providers and hospital can achieve meaningful use by implementing certified EHR technology to meet the objectives and measures. In order to reach these goals Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Incentive Program have established 3 stages to complete. The following 3 stages of meaningful use objectives and measures will develop over the 5 year period:
• Stage 1- 2011-2012 – Data Capture and Sharing
• Stage 2- 2014- Advance Clinical Processes
• Stage 3- 2015- Improved Outcomes
According to Stage 1 of the meaningful use criteria begins by employing a standardized format for capturing health information electronically. Next, the information is used to track key clinical conditions, then communicating that information for care coordination processes. Initiating the reporting of clinical quality measures and public health information is

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