Essay on Matrix Is A Computer Made Fantasy World

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The Matrix is the world that is around every one, yet many people cannot see what is actually going on around them. The Matrix is basically a computer made fantasy world, and it is created to keep humans from adapting. The idea of the Matrix is that there was a man born inside of it, and this man had the skill set to do whatever he pleased. He could transform the Matrix into what he felt was right for the world. In the movie, this man is Neo and Morpheus believes that he is the one to finally bring down the Matrix and free the world from all of this craziness. The Matrix reminds me a lot of the government that we follow in today’s world. The government essentially sets the standards for our everyday life, yet we are not sure about the exact standards about the government. The Matrix is around everyone throughout their life, but they just are not aware of what is actually going on. This correlates to the government because some people may be following certain laws, just because someone tells them that the certain law is morally right. Even if the person does not agree with that law, they follow it because they are told to do it from the day they were born. The government does not give out every piece of information that it beholds, and the Matrix is not revealed to every human around it.

The Matrix red-blue pill scene gives Neo a decision on which pill he should choose, and both will give him a different option that will affect his life. If Neo decides to take the blue…

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