Essay on Mama Day

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The entire structure of Mama Day is fitting to the telling of multiple love stories entertwined. Like the most heartfelt episode of Seinfeld ever Gloria Naylor doesn’t tell a love story, but rather lays out in detail the events of everyday life for all of the central characters. In the process the love stories of the characters are all told at once. The most obvious example is the relationship between George and Cocoa (arguably the main love story). Through the book we see them meet, fall in love, and go through excitement and hardship; all that love is. There is also the love story of Mama Day, Abigail, and Cocoa. Even though Abigail is Cocoa’s grandmother and Mama Day is her great-aunt, they both take on the role of …show more content…
Argue as they did, argue as they may, in the end they were one person of one mind, just what a marriage should be. A slightly different form of this same technique is used to give example of the mother-daughter love relationship between Mama Day and Cocoa. First the blowout between the two of them is given in third-person point of view. In this manner we get an objective view of the event in which Mama Day disallows Cocoa to go out with the rest of the gang (Naylor 156). Something I believe she had no right to do. Then, after four years, the smoke has cleared and Cocoa takes over. Through her eyes we get to see why she forgave Mama Day, and though she doesn’t say it in so many words, the reason is obvious: She loves her like a mother, and for most nothing short of attempted murder can kill the love between mother and child (Naylor 163-165). The language the people in the book use towards each other is yet another indication of the love felt between the central characters. And when I say language I don’t mean Spanish versus English. I mean Mama Day speaks to the average person in a manner Cocoa would never here. Though she uses a sharp tongue on Ruby, the one that she uses to slice deep into Cocoa has a tinge of “lookey here, kiddo” only a mother can hit a child with. And only love will let a woman call a man nigger and live to see another sunrise. “Nigger – please,”

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