Essay about Kate Chopin 's The Storm

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Divorce in the twenty-first century is quite common, with 40 to 50 percent of all marriages ultimately ending in divorce. What are the reasons why that rate is so high? Although it may vary for each persons’ marriage the common reasons are usually for lack of interest, infidelity, abuse, or even possibly for religious reasons. In the eyes of some people, it is a sinful action to get a divorce, but to others, it may be an action that is needed for the individuals in the marriage to live a happier life. However, in Kate Chopin’s story “The Storm,” a course of actions take place, leading a person to believe that the marriages in the story will come to an end. Taking place in the late 1800s Southern Louisiana, Chopin creates an intense atmosphere and a devious mood to influence the characters to commit infidelity. Two of the characters, Alcee and Calixta, do in fact commit the ultimate betrayal — adultery. In a typical marriage, the sinful actions that these two characters committed would have destroyed a marriage, nevertheless, that is not what necessarily occurs in “The Storm.” Although neither Calixta’s husband nor Alcee’s wife learn of the infidelity committed, no questions arise upon the new attitudes that each of them gain by the end of the story. Furthermore, with Calixta participating in an illicit affair, Chopin adequately uses elements of fiction to help show how partaking in your own personal desires can result in a better marriage. Often you hear the phrase “home…

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