John Mauchly 's Field Of Computer Science Essay

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John Mauchly pioneered the field of computer science and built the foundation for all modern computing with the creation of the world 's first fully functional digital computer, the ENIAC. The ENIAC, completed in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania, occupied 1800 square feet, weighed 30 tons, had 18000 vacuum tubes, and cost about $5,000,000 in modern dollars (ENIAC Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia). John Mauchly originally conceived the ENIAC as a tool for statistical weather prediction; however, he was only able to secure funding by building the ENIAC for the US Army to calculate artillery tables for use in World War II. John Mauchly was born in August 1907 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father, Sebastian Mauchly, was the chief physicist of the Terrestrial Electricity and Magnetism Section at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C. (Bartik, Rickman, and Todd 6). Mauchly showed engineering talent at a young age: "When neighbours had trouble with their wiring... they called John Mauchly." (McCartney 29) He earned near-perfect scores in high school and received an engineering scholarship to John Hopkins University.
After becoming bored with engineering, Mauchly transferred to the John Hopkins graduate physics program and graduated with a PhD in 1932. He received a job teaching at Ursinus College and established himself as an extraordinary teacher; "[Mauchly] became so well known for his ‘Christmas Lecture’... the lecture had to be moved to the biggest hall on…

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