John Copley and Benjamin West Essay

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Copley’s and West’s Artwork
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Vanessa Bradley
September 14, 2012

Melanie Trost
ART310 American Art

John Singleton Copley and Benjamin West were both painters and portraitures. John Copley and Benjamin West both had very distinct styles of artwork. There were also some comparisons between their artwork(s). I have decided to look further into Copley’s and West’s artwork(s) and this is what I have found.
John Singleton Copley’s painting: Mars, Venus, and Vulcan: The Forge of Vulcan features Venus which is the symbol of love and sex. It shows Venus as very seductive young woman. It also has cupid’s arrows which also represents love. Half of the painting is painted dark giving the painting a dreadful feeling. Half
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Benjamin West’s painting: The Savage Chief (The Indian Family) shows a Native American Chief, his wife, and young child. The painting is painted in black and white. The Chief is muscular. The Chief’s wife looks young as if she is in her mid to late 20s. The Chief looks as if he is the head of the household. The wife looks as if she is respectful towards her husband. The people in this painting are in the woods or forest .The texture of the painting is smooth with a touch of rough. There are more curved lines in Benjamin West’s paintings and portraits than in John Singleton Copley’s paintings and portraits. The first things that my eyes fall upon when I look at the picture is the way the husband is standing. The husband stands like he is a master. This painting tells the story of a young woman who loves and respects her demanding husband.
Benjamin West’s painting: The Death of General Wolfe shows a general who is dying in war. The general and his soldiers are wearing the color red which represents war, strength, and domination. Half of the clouds are midnight black which represents death meaning that the end is near. The other half of the clouds is a light blue which represents healing and health meaning that a new beginning will come. The painting also shows a gun which represents protection. The texture of this painting is a little rough and polished. Benjamin West used short dominant brushstrokes in this painting. The

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