It Was An Horrible Day Essay

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It was an awful day to go to Hogwarts. Rain came pouring down like cats and dogs, tapping on the windows of the Hogwarts Express. The air in the train felt thick and humid, causing Brandon 's hands to become sticky. However, he did not let the muggy weather interrupt him from reading the Daily Prophet and chewing on his favorite wizard treat, Jelly Slugs.

The Daily Prophet spoke about the killing of a man name Norman Tully. It stated that he had been sent to Saint Mungo 's Hospital due to his strange talks and someone whispering into his ear telling him horrible things. Rumor has it that he use to work with He Who Should Not Be Named, who has been killed sixteen years ago, and maybe that 's the reason why he 'd been hearing voices and acting in a peculiar way. Investigators and the Ministry of Magic did not know who killed Tully, but whoever did it, used one of the Unforgivable Curses.

"The world has officially gone mad," said Brandon as he folded the Daily Prophet and placed it on the floor.

"Has there been another killing?" said Brandon 's friend, Elizabeth Mohn, as she slowly opened a pack of Bertie Bott 's Every Flavored Beans. Elizabeth was a half-blood witch who came from a family of Ravenclaws. Brandon never questioned her about how she felt about being put into Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw because he was afraid the he would hurt her feelings for cutting off her family tradition. Elizabeth was of an exotic origin, somewhere in Eastern Asia. Brandon…

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