Essay on Isaac And The Street Drug Trafficker

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Isaac 's father entered his house and invited him into his office to clarify with the situation that he has to start working and become more responsible. Isaac as every young person wants to go to parties and have fun, he told his father that did not agree with what he said because he just wants to go out with friends. Not work and not want to leave to go to their parties, he is very young and has no right to work at an early age. His father told him that if not to charge the would not give him money for luxuries until he learned to do their work. Isaac became angry and went to the street. He is in the street drug trafficker who owes money and has a strong discussion, drug trafficker threatens him with a gun, Isaac is removed to not take the matter further. After all Isaac goes to mechanical.
Isaac waits for hours for your trusted mechanic. After waiting so long comes the mechanic Isaac. Now Isaac waits for his car to get it checked, while Isaac expected to review their car is given that there is a guy like him. Isaac talked to the guy and the two were given account that are similar. An Isaac had an idea but he does not tell the guy what he thinks at that time. The guy ends with the car and removed Isaac, Isaac pay and also withdrew.
The guy, Nacho as they say, goes home and talks to his mother, but does not tell what happened. Isaac also when finally comes home have a drink and start thinking about what happened there realized that maybe the boy, Nacho, can be brother who…

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