Is Socialism Better Than Capitalism? Essay

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Is Socialism better than Capitalism? . Many people argue on which one is better. The two ideologies are Socialism and Capitalism. Many ask, “Which one will bring success for humanity” or “which one should the government have in hand”? Some people say that Socialism is the best or some would prefer Capitalism. In my opinion, I think Capitalism.
“What is Capitalism?” Capitalism is a political form that states: `All means of production, are owned by the people (private property). For ex; private school. So it’s basically saying everything you earn, you can keep possession of it. Secondly, “What is Socialism?” Socialism is all means of productions are owned by the government. For ex; public school. This is stating that the government has all control of all citizens’ facilities. These two ideas have strong meanings but, experts have different opinions on Socialism and Capitalism. An expert stated that Capitalism has a fair economy, which is known as the free market. This gives everyone a chance to succeed. You get what you earn. When the government runs the economy, it becomes corrupted. This is what Socialism is: unproductive and lazy to the core. People are relying on the government to do all their work. In every sense, it shows that the followers of Socialism do not know what self-education is, as they rely on the public to indoctrinate them. There is no equal right for humanity under Socialism.
Capitalism has industrialised better than Socialism. When looking at USA for…

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