Is Education A Liberal Education? Essay

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A liberal education is believed to offer a more expanded range of studies that is supposed to offer its students more wide range knowledge rather than what is gained from a traditional University. Newman talks about how much more is beneficial from Liberal arts which one gets form attending. Although I do agree with Newman’s definition of liberal education I don’t agree that having a liberal education is the only way to gain a accomplished mind of knowledge because a person can become well-rounded though life experiences and personal interest, also because, I don’t believe in the long run the cost of attending a liberal arts school will benefit a person more than attending a vocational, technical college, or a University and still earn their degree or certificate with a more developed mind.
Knowledge itself has many branches that are connected one way or another. But obtaining the knowledge can be obtained many ways than one. Though Newman says one is more beneficial in gaining one way than the other. He believes a Liberal Education is more vital in one students educational career, as it helps expand the mind through studying a wide variety of subjects an individual takes making them more knowledgeable not just in their area of study but in more ways that can benefit them in their life.
Newman talks of how liberal is commonly spoken through focusses of knowledge, studies, and education, then yet ask what the meaning of the word is. He defines the word first through its…

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