Importance Of Computer Security And Privacy Essay examples

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Computers have entirely changed the way we live, learn and work. People have now accepted the digital advanced technology and the Internet at a quicker rate than TV. Numerous homes and nearly all businesses own and operate more than one computer. We send and get a massive amount of email, balance our checkbooks and shop online for different products and services consistently with the use of these computers. Small organizations use computers and networks to stay connected with their clients, partner’s friends, and to place orders with suppliers. We usually store important information on our computers and rely on our critical info to be accessible at the click of a mouse. However, there is a dark side of our current information system. Computer security and Privacy is a serious issue that was ushered in with the inception of the digital economy, failure to address any of its problems will lead to serious identity theft, internet and cyber fraud, and security breaches both at personal and national levels.
Importance of Computer Security and Privacy:
Ensuring the protection of our important data like credit card numbers, account details, trade secrets, proprietary research info and sensitive communications were of little concern when the Internet was initially introduced. This fact has terrific inferences for us today. We have a nominal choice, but to end up proactive. Unless we protect our information resources as a priority, we will become prone and vulnerable to several risk…

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