Importance of Computer Literacy Essay

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Students` Attitudes towards Computer: Statistical Types and their Relationship with Computer Literacy
Diana Saparniene
Siauliai University, Lithuania
Gediminas Merkys
Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Gintaras Saparnis
Siauliai University, Lithuania

ABSTRACT. The results of the diagnostic analysis on students’ computer literacy are presented in the article.
The study involves students from Lithuanian universities and colleges (N=1004). Based on the study results attempts are made to identify and define the existing statistical types of students in connection with their attitudes towards a computer (emotional – motivational relationship with a computer) as well as to disclose some link with the factual computer
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Today the researchers are interested in how inner motivation affects achievements and behaviour of work with computer. Inner motivation is related to personality’s dispositions: demands, interests, wishes, etc. In this way it helps to reveal pupil’s inner interests
(Astleitner, Keller, 1995; Keller, 1999). Inner motivation involves repetition of action which stimulates positive emotions. All mentioned types of inner motivation suit to define personality’s satisfaction, enjoyment obtained by a successful computer usage.
It is a difficult task to determine what factors inspired motivation and demotivation, whether the circumstances were internal or external, steady or changeable, controlled or uncontrolled. Trying to avoid computer demotivation the researchers (Pancer, George, Gebotys, 1992; Hancock, 1995) suggest: 1) work with computer must be related with present or further pupil’s demands. These demands can be fulfilled considering pupil’s aims, clearly stating the use, adjusting degree of difficulty, etc.; 2) work with computer has to stimulate self-confidence, confidence in success what promote efforts and further successful, motivated work; 3) work with computer must give self satisfaction and preserve constant motivation. Students, meeting their expectations, have to realize the received use as fair, neutral, and permanent.
There exists an obvious relationship between emotions

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