Illegal Immigration, It Is Night When The Day Essays

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Illegal immigration It is night when the day begins by (Mother Jones November/ December 2004) explains how hard the life is for the Mexican people who migrate to America for a better life.
In California San Joaquin Vicente and his wife Isabel wake up early in the morning. She start making some food for the following day and he get ready for going to work. Also the bakeries open early because people need to take a coffee and go to their work. A lot of workers work in the farm and Isabel protect her skin from the sun and she start working too. Vicente pick a lot of cherries and he work more than seven hours with a fifteen minutes break. He has to be very fast because they pay him regarding to how fast he pick the fruits. Even if he work as fast as he can still they pay him less than minimum wage. That is not true. John Steinbeck’s spoke about the farmworkers who migrate and have trouble in 1930s at weed-patch camp.
The wage for the farmers decreased by Ten percent since 80’s. In 1998 the average annual of the farmers was 7500$ but they don’t have any insurance or any special benefits. Vicente is 30 years old man and he is short and strong. he has always scars on his finger and so on his ankle because he put step on the blades on the onion farm. he worked for 14 years in blueberries,watermelons, oranges, grapes cherries and onions. He slept on the empty box one summer and one year he was lived in the two room house with fifty men. He enter to the Unites…

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