Illegal Drug Use And Distribution Essay

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The most important issue of concern in the small community of Nannup in the South West of Australia is illegal drug use and distribution. As a member of this community I have witnessed the devastation it has brought on families and the affect it has on the surrounding public. The use of illegal drugs harms the users ability to work, contribute to the community and take care of themselves and those in which they are responsible for. Our close-knit community has gained a reputation for its high levels of drug use and production, this reflects badly on to the younger generations that grow up here.
Growing up in Nannup I witnessed the normality of drug use, at the local District High School talk between students about older siblings or their parents using drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine and speed. This type of talk although shut down by teachers when overheard, is common and many students don’t completely understand the seriousness of the illegal actions that occur in their family homes. Through school experiences I have been surrounded by those using these illegal drugs, my peers would sneak behind the sports equipment shed or into the bathrooms and then return to class high. I have witnessed the affect it has on people and how convincing they can be when ‘high’ on their chosen drug.
2. Detail how this issue affects you and what needs to be done to resolve it.
My first high school boyfriend started using illegal drugs whilst we were together, when he informed me of…

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