Essay about I 'm About Your Day At School

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Erin came crawling out from underneath the bed, and her father then sat down on top of it, picking her up and placing her on his knee. “You weren 't hiding from me, were you?” he asked with a sad look on his face “No, daddy” Erin said. She lied. “Tell me about your day at school, sweetheart. Did everything go okay today?” “Yeah, I guess so.” Erin said with a sigh. “That doesn 't sound like everything 's alright. Tell daddy what happened.” Erin paused for a moment not sure if she wanted to tell her daddy about the boy who had put gum in her hair today, and the teacher, Mrs. Fallon had to cut it out with a pair of scissors. Or if she wanted to just tell her father that she wasn 't feeling right and just wanted to go to bed early today. In the end, though, she chose to tell her father about the boy and the gum. As she told her father all about the evil thing that Adam Schultz had done to her today in class, just because she wouldn 't agree with him that Regular Show was better than Sponge Bob, her father began sliding his hand up between her legs. “Daddy, stop.” she said, breaking away from her story. “I told you I don 't like that!” she whined. “It’s okay, Erin.” her daddy told her as he firmly but gently forced her legs back open. “Just keep telling daddy your story.” “No, I don 't want to.” she began to cry. “I don 't feel well; I just want to go to bed.” “Daddy wants to play our special little game for a…

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