I Would Become A Computer Engineer Essay

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I never dreamed I would become a CRNA because I always thought I would become a computer engineer. I came to America at age 13 in 2003. I was a very studious young child who graduated both middle school and high school with excellent grades. My excellent grades in high school gave me opportunity in choosing between full scholarships between two schools. Unfortunately, I was also an illegal immigrant, and had to decline both offers because I did not possess a green card which would have made me eligible to receive the scholarships. Luckily, I was able to accept other scholarships with smaller awards. Due to multiple scholarship awards and working several student nurse jobs, I was able to pay for majority of my college tuitions without going into major debt.

In summer 2012, I accepted a job offer at Johns Hopkins Bayiew Medical Center (JHBMC) as a summer student nurse associate at a psychiatric unit. Even though, I thought about becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner, It did not peak my interest as a long term career and decided to do more research into different aspects of nursing. My decision in becoming a nurse anesthetist was further solidified after several research and my OR externship rotation. I was in awe as I watched a CRNA in action during an open heart surgery. It was that moment I realized the direction I wanted to take in the near future. I was immediately attracted to the nurse anesthetist’s level of autonomy and immense responsibilities. This experience…

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